Secondary Therapeutic Alternative High School

The Secondary Therapeutic Alternative High School, (STAP) offers an alternative approved public day school program for students with neurological, social, communication and learning challenge in grades 9-12. STAP curriculum and instruction are personalized and modified to meet each student's individual needs. Small classes allow teachers to employ more interactive instructional strategies. Student interests and learning styles are considered in creating stimulating, rigorous, and engaging academic programming. Emphasis is placed on students developing self-management and organizational skills, self-advocacy skills, and relationship building skills. Courses meet credit requirements for graduation or for functional and transition skill requirements.

The program is aligned with the MA Common Core. Involvement with colleges, social services, and community- based organizations are important programming components. Efforts are made to identify vocational interests and aptitudes for each student. Career awareness and transition planning are addressed. Students are encouraged to participate in vocational experiences such as internships, job shadows and work experiences. Program goals include consistent attendance, successful completion of supported transition and vocational experiences, and coursework resulting in a high school diploma or certificate of high school completion, post- secondary education, and preparation for employment.

School Year - Number of Days: 
School Year - Hours Per Day: 
Summer - Number of Days: 
Summer - Hours Per Day: 
Therapeutic Services Available: 
Adaptive Physical Education (APE), Counseling, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy

Parent Support Program: Support programs including Home Based support Services, Friday Morning Clinical, individual clinical support meetings, consultation from a multidisciplinary team of providers. Several Parent Nights throughout the school year to provide information and support for parents.

Additional Program Information: Students participate in direct and explicit social skills instruction and receive on site school adjustment counseling.

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Primary Population/Disability: 
Communication, Emotional, Specific Learning
Other Population Served: 
Autism, Health, Intellectual, Neurological
Type of Program: 
Public Day
Ages Served: 
14, 15, 16, 17, 18
Grades Served: 
9, 10, 11, 12
Contact Person(s): 
Nancy Regan
Director of Student Services
Bi-County Campus School
141 Mansion Drive
02032 Walpole , MA
United States
Massachusetts US